Karlk is a 30 year old composer and producer of electronic music from Rennes (France).

He began his musical career at seven when his parents gave him his first drums. Later, it is self-taught that he will learn to play several instruments, including guitar and piano.

Falling in love with electronic music as a teenager, Karlk began his first DJset in a rave party in the 2000s. After experimenting with techno music on vinyl turntables, Karlk began composing songs mixing world music and electronic music.


Thanks to social networks, Karlk reaches millions of listenings in a few years, which allowed him to collaborate with great artists and to perform in important festivals in Europe.


In December 2015, the multinational Google contacted him to synchronize his musical work "What I Want" (composed in collaboration with Ofenbach) on its advertising campaign "La nuit vous appartient". This track was played by many DJs and even listened to in space by the famous astronaut Thomas Pesquet !


Karlk released his first album "Crossroads" in May 2017 with hit songs like "Jeff" and "Daydreamer", as well as his first orchestral track "Amazonia".


Karlk's music is heard all over the world and now exceeds 60 million plays. His latest singles "Persian" and "Niespra", from more spiritual and ethnic inspiration, mark a turning point in his influences  who evolve constantly to the rhythm of his life and his desires.


The release of his next album is scheduled for the end of 2020.


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